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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 15, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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radiation contamination in japan. could radiation from japan reach the west coast? we get answers from one expert. and pg&e delivers a report on the safety of its pipelines but it comes with some glaring holes. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, march 15. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. the crisis in japan is intensifying tonight are just a few hours ago another fire broke out at a nuclear power plant which is already leaking radiation forcing thousands of people to evacuate. the nation was devastated by last friday's earthquake and tsunami. thousands are stranded and
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isolated waiting for help. nearly half a million people have been displaced. it is our top story at 7:00. adam reports from tokyo. >> reporter: tokyo survived an earthquake and tsunami that devoured everything in his path and now survivors face nuclear exposure and health dangers that may not appear for years. on tuesday another explosion shook the region damaging a containment pool and exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods inside. >> we urge people to stay indoors such as their houses or in their offices considering what could happen to the reactors now. >> reporter: prior to the warning, 70,000 people had evacuated the area. >> i hope that we can go back to our house as soon as possible and to live an
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ordinary life. >> reporter: they are a population effectively trapped inside their homes. in the same area rescue and relief efforts are at the mercy of the wind as rescuers tried to rape avoid a radioactive cloud -- tried to avoid a radioactive cloud. >> we continue to spot areas that have not been searched yet. >> reporter: many areas are out of reach. two earthquakes measured over 6.0 last night. the government is handing out anti-radiation pills here they are also moving some of their ships away from the island. in tokyo, adam housley, fox news. >> they say there is no concern that radiation from japan will drift into the u.s. but that has not stopped people from trying to stock up on potassium
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iodide. children are most at risk. it does not protect other organs. pharmacies and other suppliers say they are sold out. in just a few minutes we will have a complete report including an agency in the bay area. jana katsuyama is in tokyo right now. she was talking to her newsroom earlier when a 6.1 earthquake rocks japan. >> the computer started swaying back and forth. the whole room was moving could we have an aftershock which really felt big. it is difficult to relax because you never know when another will be coming. >> you can read jana's blog on our website at each day we see more
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stunning images. a photographer took this picture of a house floating several miles two days after the earthquake and tsunami struck. this was taken from a navy helicopter searching for survivors. >> the defense department released this video at an airbase in northern japan. military personnel were taking cover. the tsunami devastated a large area. the base has become a logistics hub for humanitarian relief and rescue workers. the growing crisis in japan sent shockwaves through the u.s. stock markets. they closed down 137 points. nasdaq lost 33. after all of this, japan's nikkei index fell 10%. japan's stock market has fallen a total of 19%.
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in the united kingdom stocks are down 3% and 1 expert says japan's long-term economic output is still unclear in financial recovery will depend on how quickly corporations can restore their energy and manufacturing capacities. here at home the financial toll is still rising tonight and is expecting to reach $50 million. late this afternoon they said that the facility suffered $25 million in damage for this comes as. >> inspectors visit santa cruz to document evidence and their reports will be critical to free up federal funds. >> we did observe a lot of damage. i cannot quantify how much had occurred but certainly the tsunami wave did a lot of damage. >> inspectors were also up north inspecting the damage to crescent city.
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they will distribute their findings tomorrow you can find continuing coverage including video clips by clicking the tsunami tab on our homepage two hours ago pg&e met a deadline to deliver records concerning pressure levels on hundreds of miles of gas transmission line today handed over 150 pages of documents. some documents state regulators were looking for were missing. rita williams is live now in san francisco. >> reporter: today's deadline for pg&e to hand over records was somewhat anti-climactic. while news crews waited, the utility company spent 154 page summaries of its record on gas transmission lines to the state public utility commission. for one month now pg&e crews worked almost round-the-clock
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go into more than 1 million documents stored to try to find records of gas pipelines through densely populated areas. despite the surge, pg&e said it could not find a% of those records. >> we have made good progress. we know we need to do more. we have proposed an aggressive plan to test key pipelines. >> reporter: pg&e's records were wrong about a gas pipeline that exploded in september. that is why authorities ordered pg&e to produce records to prove its pipelines of sap the president said today the utility will voluntarily inspect infields test lines
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without testing records and will replace 150 miles of pipes similar in age to the pipe that ruptured in san bruno. but the puc can order more including cutting pressure in the pipelines by 20%. >> the next-generation full -- we have to look at the next- generation of pipeline safety. >> reporter: tomorrow they will have more to say about the records filed tonight as well as the possibility of fines against the utility. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal court has ordered seven east bay sewage districts to upgrade their sewage systems. environmental groups say 125 million gallons of raw and partially treated sewage has been spilled into the bay. several districts are in
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question including oakland, el cerrito, and richmond. lawmakers will vote tomorrow on governor jerry brown's budget proposal which includes $12 billion in cuts. republicans are calling tomorrow's boat a drill as they said it does not feel like a joke to him with that state facing a $27 million deficits. brown hopes voters will agree to a five-year extension. a new field poll suggests that if the election is held a majority of californians support a $0.01 sales tax increase and extending a quarter% hike in personal income tax for the next five years. 39% oppose the extension. however, by a narrow margin, voters oppose a plan to transport $1 billion in taxes dedicated to child development programs to the general fund.
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today is a sad day for one oakland elementary school at 16 of 17 question teachers and principal have received layoff notices. the school has only been around for only four years but its math scores have doubled and language arts have tripled. teachers feel all that momentum is in jeopardy. >> i feel unappreciated even though i knew it was coming. >> protesters gathered in oakland to voice opposition. today is the state deadline for school districts to let employees know they could lose their jobs. they have until may 15 to finalize plans. the oakland school district is sending out layoff notices to 538 teachers. the san francisco district is sending out 473 notices and across the state more than 19,000 notices are going out but they will not have a final number until friday.
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a newly reached settlement could be the last word in a debate over glass negatives that some say it was the work of ansel adams. rick norsigian has agreed not to use adams name to sell photos and posters with adams made. as reported, an oakland woman said they look like the work of her uncle earl who once lived in fresno. the adams trust sudha norsigian. we are measuring the radiation levels in the bay area. how much should we be concerned? still ahead. what city leaders say must happen to end violence. outside our door at this hour we're watching light to coming up we'll show you how long the storm is expected to stick around and how long before the next one arrives.
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>> why he's governor today assess the damage on the big island and maui. he said it was not as bad as he expected and he will do everything he could to help get repairs. one of the major concerns is that a cruise ship dock may be damage to accommodate tour buses. norwegian cruise lines canceled plans for a ship to dock their next week. people are still waiting to learn the fate of friends and loved ones in japan. many of the 200 businesses are collecting funds and are planning a vigil for thursday night to raise money for a buddhist temple. the better business bureau wants people to make sure that their money is going into
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legitimate companies. they say avoid cash donations in the for of checks written out to the organization, not individual. if you have a meltdown has people worried and thousands of miles away. what is the danger here in california? as john fowler reports it appears to be much lower than many people might think. >> reporter: we detected radiation in the east bay. experts say there is nothing from japan. >> by the time you get to the west coast, we might be able to -- i think we can measure radiation but we will not be able to measure health effects. >> reporter: he says the small amount of radiation is diluted in a million cubic miles of atmosphere across the pacific and that no one more than a few miles from the plant is at risk. federal officials told me that they are actively tracking the plume. they declined to provide
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details. these are for my most recent visits. the fire, however, is worrisome, listing potentially radioactive particles into stronger winds still the much more serious meltdown of chernobyl seconds no one more than 30 miles away. >> is not the radiation risk that is an issue, it is the technology that is at risk because of the perception. >> reporter: perception of risk. he points out that in 53 years no one has died in the united states from a nuclear power plant accidents but every year 38,000 people died from the effects of coal-fired plants and 120 die from candles. something to consider. john boehner, ktvu channel 2 news. california has two nuclear
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plants. how safe are they? officials say that a quake as powerful as japan is unlikely to happen here. the nuclear plant in san diego county is guarded by a 30 feet high ac wall. pg&e says it is the outlook kenyan plant that can operate through a 7.5 quake. organizations are reviewing the earthquake plans and reminding people here to be prepared. >> the fire department displayed a mobile scintillator to show what happens during an earthquake. it can simulate up to magnitude eight quake and say that bay area residents should store at least three days worth of food and water and emergency supplies at home. for continued coverage, be sure to watch the 10:00 news on ktvu channel two. alameda county is asking
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homeowners to lose their lawns. it includes incentives for converting lawns into sustainable gardens. homeowners can get a $500 rebate and commercial customers can get up to $3000. they will provide live demonstrations of techniques they say can conserve water. today california attorney general kamala harris and santa cruz police announced the arrest of 21-year-old elvis lorenzo garcma pre-he is accused of raping a coffee shop worker in march 2008. investigators matched dna from the crime scene to garcia's father who was dna is in the state database. that match and further testing that investigators to elvis garcia pier he is being held in the jail on $1 million jail. the san francisco police gang unit had joined the search
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for suspect in a multiple shooting outside of a mission district bar. the man who was shot remains in critical condition tonight. for other people suffered a severe wounds. david stevenson reports of violence has neighborhood merchants on edge. >> reporter: bulletholes pockmarked the doors of this bar after a late-night shooting on monday. it comes after what police say are six gang related shootings in stabbings. at least 59 shots were fired last night from across the street at 11:00 p.m. terry into the doors of the bar and a neighboring taqueria. >> i do not have any information to say whether these are connected. >> reporter: the owner says is a working-class bar. he showed us the shell casings left behind by police and a sign someone taped to the door for gas calling for the bar to
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be evicted. customers dived for cover. merchants want more police-foot patrols. >> they should be more police at night at least until 12:00 at night or 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the supervisor told us this afternoon they were hopeful things have homes down, that people don't feel safe in the neighborhood. people are not going to come out and -- and shop. the two suspects are to latino men. apple's ipad 2 may be even more popular than the previous. apple has reportedly sold three times as many new ipads compared with the initial
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launch last year. apple says most stores were sold out by sunday. the work will not be completed for years but anyway it's already done. coming up. a new round of wet weather rolling into the bay area. meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us where the rain will be the heaviest. if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> the new approach to the golden gate bridge will not be finished for another three years but that does not mean you cannot take a virtual road trip right now. autodesk set up a car simulator today demonstrating the future drive. you can go to our website to see a slideshow of what the commutes may look like in the year 2014. meteorologist rosemary orozco is here to talk about the rain we're seeing now and domain we will see in the future. >> for this evening we will continue scattered showers and the rain. seen in the mid-to upper 50s and mid 60s. san jose had quite a nice day
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with mostly cloudy skies. this evening still dealing with mostly cloudy skies. it looks like livermore is getting a bit of a break at this time. we are watching some light rain over danville and san francisco. at the bay bridge had a little bit of light rain. oakland seen in the 50s as well. danville also seen some light rain at this time. take a look at that from santa rosa down into petaluma, napa, all seeing that rain continue. this will begin to shift. it will take until about 8:00 or 9:00 until san jose begins to see the steady rain. we will see some dry weather for areas in the north bay. we'll continue with cloudy conditions. we are still dealing with a little bit of lingering wishard. we are likely to see drizzle
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and light rain for the first half of the day. it looks like wednesday and thursday will be semi dried before the rain comes back on friday. mostly cloudy skies and low 60s. overnight lows this evening will be similar to yesterday and tomorrow we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. great for most of the day, perhaps mostly cloudy skies. thursday looks pretty good. friday, saturday, sunday we have more rain on the way and our temperatures will be cooler. a young coyote is back in the wild tonight we have pictures of the 1-year-old coyote making a dash for freedom this afternoon. hikers found the coyote last october. rescuers nursed him back to
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health. wildlife experts say people can do their part by not leading pet food outside for them to eat. that is our report for now. bitterly in the past many here we got in alleged that japanese -- literally in the past minute here we got a reports that japanese workers are unable to continue on the nuclear reactor. we'll continue this news as always on "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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